Jewellery Insurance Consultancy

The proper insurance and replacement of high value jewellery requires the services of a specialist jeweller. As a member of the Jewellery Council of South Africa for more than 30 years, Peter Gilder enjoys a reputation as one such jeweller.

Our in-house services extend from accurate evaluations to the design and handcrafting of heirloom-quality items to match the expectations of the most discerning clients.


As these items are almost certainly also of great sentimental value, it is imperative that replacements are of an equivalent worth and exacting quality.

With the introduction of a dedicated insurance claims consultancy, we aim to deliver true value to both the insurer and the insured, by facilitating a smooth claims process based on integrity, quality and professionalism.

Integrity. Quality. Professionalism.

Accurate evaluations by graduate gemologists

Accurate evaluations are the cornerstone of high value jewellery insurance. All Peter Gilder evaluations are undertaken by an internationally recognised graduate gemologist, ensuring accuracy of premiums and replacement items. Evaluations are kept on file for easy reference and any repair recommendations are noted against future claims.

A wide selection of bespoke jewellery collections

Our jewellery store, conveniently located in Constantia Village in the Southern Suburbs is an upmarket space where clients can brief our designers on recreating replicas of sentimental lost items. Alternatively, clients can make their selection from the wide range of bespoke jewellery collections and luxury watch brands in store.

The finest, handcrafted quality replacements

Peter Gilder is proud to be one of only a few remaining Cape Town jewellers offering a full jewellery manufacturing service in-house. Our experienced goldsmiths are able to manufacture replica items to meet the highest standards of quality craftsmanship.

The advice of leading diamond experts

Our ‘Diamond Room’ is a discreet space housing a range of independently certified diamonds in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Our expert diamond buyers are available to assist clients in making the most appropriate selection.

Our dedicated jewellery insurance expert, Giuliana van der Walt has more than 40 years’ experience in jewellery claims. She is available to visit clients during office hours and to act as an advisor to brokers, assessors and claims departments, as well as to the insured.

To discuss how we can add value to the processing of your high value claims, please contact Giuliana.