The Peter Gilder Story

Peter Gilder

Some fifty years ago, Peter and some of his friends started a rock band, with Peter as the drummer. One of the band members had a family jewellery business, and because of his charisma and extrovert personality, Peter was offered a position as a representative for the company. Peter saw the opportunity to grow his natural aptitude and passion for beautiful pieces of jewellery into a company, and in 1984 the Peter Gilder brand was born.

Peter not only has an eye for a good piece of jewellery, he also has an eye for a good business opportunity; which is what attracted him to Constantia as a location for the

opening of his store. A decision that he has never regretted, and the Peter Gilder store remains in Constantia to this day, some 30 years later.

To begin with, Peter Gilder store windows were bedazzled with pieces personally selected and sourced by Peter himself. But in 1987, Peter hired a designer and a goldsmith in order to take the Peter Gilder brand to the next level and so the design and manufacturing side of the company came into being.

As the brand's reputation of excellent quality and service spread, the Peter Gilder store became a key feature and destination within Constantia Village. In 2000 his daughter Mandy stepped in to fulfil a fresh new role within the Peter Gilder brand. Her brand, Mandy G, began with carefully selected items sourced by Mandy herself from around the globe.

Today the majority of Mandy's collection are unique pieces chosen for their cutting edge design and younger style.

In 2006 Peter hired young Anene van Staden, fresh out of design school. Anene rose steadily through the ranks and exhibited an exceptional aptitude for retail. Her passion for diamonds, and her sparkling personality resulted in her being appointed Retail Director in 2012.

The Peter Gilder story may be more than quarter of a century old, but it is only the beginning for this brand. Under Peter's guidance, the Peter Gilder story will continue brighter and stronger than ever before. And with a bit more free time, who knows, Peter might get to spend some more time on the drums and revive his rock and roll career!